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Written on 08 Jun 2012
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ANN LEWIS | 08 Jun 2012

Thanks for that Michael, I’ve just read it with tears in my eyes.

The Ambulance and Emergency services are wonderful, caring people, there’s no doubt about that. They couldn’t do the job they do if they weren’t. I volunteer to tell my story to traffic offenders who are sent by the courts to regular seminars, and there is usually also an emergency service worker who tells their story from their point of view.

We basically don’t think about the way they are affected by the disasters they attend to, but having heard from police, fire and ambulance officers during the various seminars it certainly opened my eyes.

Some years ago, before I lost my Jane, I worked in a Police control room, and one of the ex police officers there lost his daughter to cancer. I gave him a big hug when he came back to work, and said that I didn’t know what to say to him. He said that I’d already said it with a hug, and that meant more to him than all the words in the world could ever do.

Now my brother is an ambulance driver in England, and I’m so proud of him as he has the empathy that came with supporting me when I lost my Jane.

Hugs, Ann x

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