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On Monday it was the sixth anniversary of Dad's death.

I was on ABC radio 'Conversations with Richard Fidler' - it was only broadcast in NSW and QLD,  if interested you can hear the interview here:

This is me and my sister Dianne before I went on.... bit nervous at this stage.....

In the booth with Richard and Producer Pam, must remember to bring camera instead of taking photos on the mobile phone!!!!


Written on 25 Mar 2010
Over 15 years since incident
Tags: anniversary, radio

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ANN LEWIS | 25 Mar 2010

You were wonderful Sandra! You sounded so natural, and comfortable, and answered all the questions with confidence. My heart goes out to you after all you had to suffer in the years that followed your Dad’s accident, and the injustice of it all. It was great the way the interviewer kept plugging this website as the more people know about it the better. Well done.



dominica | 05 Apr 2010

Hi Sandra
I am not sure but is this the same interview I heard ths weekend on 4BC in regards the easter toll. You sounded like a seasoned interviewer, but then with the topic dear to your heart of course you handled it well. When I heard the interview I new that after all these years after my younger brothers death I had found a group that I could hopefully commect to. I to miss my father who died only a few months before my brother died but he died from cancer. Take care and thnk you for the site

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Site founder | 05 Apr 2010

Hi Patrica,


This is a different interview….

I hope you find support in the community.

Best wishes,

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