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What have I done since losing Lee in a road crash?

I was instrumental in working with The Hon Nick Xenophon and Hon John Darley in ammending the Victim Impact Statement legislation.  This would force all offenders who cause death or serious injury to appear in court to hear victim impact statements.  Prior to Lee's death victim impact statements were only read and heard in the district court for indictable offences.  The man who killed Lee was charged with a summary (non indictable) and was not required to appear in court choosing to send his lawyer.

I have given evidence before the Legislative Review Committee and lodged a submission on my experience and the rights of victims.

Somewhere in the middle of my pain, depression, grief I wrote and published a book, 'We Dont Say Goodbye" The book serves as file on part of my life I prefer to forget.  Saved but archived.

There was a time I almost died and worse still wanted to die.

More recently 16 July I lodged a submission for the Review of the Public Integrity Structures in South Australia. 

I guess I have pretty much done all I can do to improve a system, find justice and above all find a reason for Lee's death.  I dont want to look back in years to come and say I wish I did this or that, I have done all I can. I want no regrets.

But I am no hero and dont want notoriety even though some might suggest otherwise.  I am a fighter, barely a survivor but did what was in my heart not what was in my head.  My head said why bother? The only ones who care are those who have lived it.  But thats not true, I have learned from this site their are many who care. 

I think we all have a purpose and everyone here has contributed in some way to make a positive come from their tragedy. To offer a word of comfort is as positive as law change. 

Both serve to improve the lives of others.

Written on 19 Jul 2010
Over 14 years since incident
Tags: What have I done?

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