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A year has come and gone.

For some reason, I feel better.

Maybe all the anticipation leading up to the anniversary, then it turned out to be not as stressful as I thought.

I went out to dinner with my son and his friends to remember Rhys and Jake and celebrate Dave's extra year of life! It was great to see Dave finally smiling and laughing.

We made it through a year. Somehow I think it will be easier from here. (Although we still have the Police report to come, that may regurgitate a few unwanted memories). I know we will still have our moments, and not a day will pass when I don't think of Rhys and Jake and what may have been, but Thursday night was full of remembering the good times, let's hope that continues.

Thankyou to everyone on here for your messages and support over the past week. I hope we can all continue to support each other in this journey none of us believed we would ever be on.

Written on 30 Mar 2010
Tags: anniversary, better, remembering


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ANN LEWIS | 31 Mar 2010

Josie, I’m so pleased that the anniversary went well for you all. I agree that it’s really stressful in the time leading up to that date, but you’ve coped well with it, and hopefully, now things have started to ease for you and your life will be calmer with some of the peace you deserve.

Hugs, Ann xx

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