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Protecting our Young Drivers

Created on 19 May 2012 by Michael Mills.
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It saddens me to hear that almost everyday another teenager/young adult that has been killed or seriously injured in a road trauma incident.

For 24 years I have worked as a Paramedic and I would not begin to be able to count the amount of incidents I have been to where someones son or daughter has been killed in an incident that seems to be that it could have been so easily prevented.

What I struggle with is that no matter what we do as a community, whether it's education/increased penalties/increased learner training/increased Police prescence and Operations or increased media attention the deaths and serious injuries continue to happen and families lives are torn apart forever.

I would be very interested to hear from those that have experienced a loss of a loved one or suffered a serious injury on what their thoughts are...Is there something we are missing that we can do to help prevent this type of tragedy?

Please feel free to express your opinions and maybe we can work together to prevent even one tragedy.


Kind regards,




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