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I'm looking for connections with others affected by road trauma, connections with others who are affected by road trauma in their work, people who understand grief and loss, ways to support others who have been affected by road trauma, tools to campaign for road safety, opportunities to educate others about the effect of reckless driving, and parents who have lost their teenage driver to Road Crash.
I'm here because I want to remember someone who has passed away as a result of a road collision, I am a professional counsellor who supports people affected by road trauma, I am involved in road safety education, a family member or friend has been affected by road trauma, I want to learn about road safety, and I want to create a memorial.
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My story

I have lost 2 teenagers in my family, to Road Crash, first my nephew Jamie on 14 October 1999 when the car he was passenger in hit 2 trees at front of Festival Theatre in Adelaide 2 died in that crash Jamie was 17 yrs old. Then on 8 August 2007 my eldest son Dion who was 18 yrs old at the time was driving back from a day trip to Adelaide, with his then Girlfriend, while exhausted he lost control of the car, and hit the left unsealed shoulder, oversteered into the path of an oncoming Stateliner Bus, Dion passed away at the scene, his girlfriend survived with Injuries. Dion only had his p plates for exactly 2 weeks, when the crash happened. I did not know he had taken that car out of town, I did not find out until Police knocked at my door to inform me of his death. I am every much involved in Road Safety. I am at Uni studying a Bachelor of Social work in the hope it will lead to bigger and better things, for me in Educating other young drivers about the risks they take on the road.

Sayings that inspire me

I was right, He was Wrong Enough Said

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Missing James Steven Manzl Thomas, King William Rd, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Missing Simon Watson, Frome Rd, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia
Missing Vanessa Rudnik, Eyre Hwy, SA 5710, Australia
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