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I'm feeling Stronger.
I'm looking for connections with others affected by road trauma, ways to support others who have been affected by road trauma, and opportunities to educate others about the effect of reckless driving.
I'm here because I want to remember someone who has passed away as a result of a road collision.
I've been a member since 06 Jan 2010

My story

The crash happened on the 11th March 2004.

I was working in Millicent and due to travel home that night. My birthday is 13th and when we talked the previous night we were happily planning a fun weekend with family and friends. Little did I know we would never talk again.

When the police came to my work place and told me my husband of 34yrs had been involved in a motor crash and had multiple fractures and life threatening injuries the reality didn't register.

The trip home in a police car was a nightmare as my phone was frequently out of range and I was desperately trying to discover what had and what was happening. I knew without a doubt that our lives would never be the same again.

Naturally we knew he would eventually recover.

Bill never regained consciousness or as much as squeezed my hand. When after a few days we were told he would never recognise us, feed or clothe himself we were faced with a heartbreaking decision. Bill was full of life and was larger than life and had always made it abundantly clear that he would not want to live in that way. The whole family unanimously agreed to turn off life support. There were no goodbyes and he passed away on 22nd March, 11 days after the crash.

The incredible support of family, friends and work colleagues helped me through the grief, loss and loneliness that follows the death of a loved one.There were numerous obstacles including the court case as the other driver was eventually found guilty of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

Emotional strength seems to be there when you need it and facing 1 day at a time helps too.

I have travelled a long and difficult journey and now almost 6 years later I am again facing the future with confidence and enthusiasm. I will never forget Bill but hopefully we can in some way educate people to be more aware on the road and his death will not have been totally in vain.

If I can in any way help someone else who is travelling a similar road please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Sayings that inspire me

Having been affected by road trauma has increased my awareness of the value of life. We need to make the most of every day and appreciate the people around us. We need to stop and "smell the roses". If you really want to do something you might just as well do it as no one knows what the future has in store.

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