DJ McGrath

I'm feeling Thankful.
I'm looking for ways to support others who have been affected by road trauma and opportunities to educate others about the effect of reckless driving.
I'm here because I have personally been involved in a motor vehicle collision.
I've been a member since 20 Sep 2010

My story

Over my life i have put myself through the "ringer" so to speak. On a number of occasions i came very close to lights out completely.

Luck isnt really a word that is in my vocabulary but i have to say "Luck Was On My Side" a few times.

I must say i dont have regrets, it was just the path i was on Sure it was quite destructive but i learnt the hard way and learnt all about hospital food, i learnt about recovery, learnt about how the body mends and yes i realised i was bloody lucky. Thankfully, i never harmed no one else, which amazes me whenever i think back.

To look at me, i look very normal, but on the inside is a very different story. Its one thing we never really hear about, but that is the ones who survive a smash, with injury and how that changes them and affects them for the rest of thier life.

I hope what i can bring here, can help save someone from self destruction.

Sayings that inspire me

Keep your chin up, things can improve.

My tribute pins

Missing Peter Brock, 80-90 Clenton Rd, Gidgegannup WA 6083, Australia
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